März 27, 2012

The Vaccines

If You Wanna

This song, and their debut album ‘What did you expect from the Vaccines?’, was one of the biggest successes of the guitar indie rock in the last year. You remember? No? Refresh your memory…


~album cover~

~single cover~

Februar 26, 2012

The Beach Boys - ‘The Warmth Of The Sun’: I’d like to feel a little more of it now.

The Beach Boys (one of the most missunderstood bands ever) in musical brilliance: Perfect harmonies in the vocals, wonderful light drums and guitar parts.

Don’t you really can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin while listening to it?! This is the feeling good psychedelic pop got to give to you. And another cool thing about it: I love the cover. Flowers & beards.


Februar 23, 2012

The Vaccines: A short talk about upcoming studio activities.

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