Oktober 19, 2014

Thelonious Monk - Hornin’ In
From Genius of Modern Music, Volume Two (1952, Blue Note LP 5009)

  • Thelonious Monk, p
  • Kenny Dorham, tr
  • Lou Donaldson, as
  • Lucky Thompson, ts
  • Nelson Boyd, b
  • Max Roach, dr


Oktober 16, 2014

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Oktober 14, 2014
Father of the Cool

Father of the Cool

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Oktober 13, 2014

Oktober 13, 2014

Thelonious Monk - Thelonious Monk - Straight, No Chaser on MUZU.TV.

Thelonious Monk - Straight No Chaser
From Genius Of Modern Music, Volume Two (Recorded 1951&52, released 1952, Blue Note LP 5009/1511)

In the end nobody plays Monk like Monk. The true version of the famous standard Straight No Chaser written by Monk himself. I love hearing how Monk means his compositions to be played: thank god that in this version there is not the tendencies for over-accented kicks we find in later interpretations of other jazz players and in the average way of interpretation of that tune today. Another highlight is the drum intro by Art Blakey that I don’t only live to hear but also to play myself.

  • Thelonious Monk, p
  • Sahib Shihab, as
  • Milt Jackson, vib
  • Al McKibbon, b
  • Art Blakey, dr



Oktober 13, 2014

Oktober 11, 2014

Lester Bowie - Summertime

Lester Bowie, especially famous for his work with the Art Ensemble of Chicago, in his interpretation of the standard Summertime. A great piece with a brass ensemble and his tone really strikes me!

  • Lester Bowie, tr
  • Jan Magne Fřrde, tr & flh
  • Jarle Fřrde, tr & flh
  • Helge Fřrde , tb
  • Runar Tafjord, frh
  • Stein Erik Tafjord, tuba
  • Egil Johansen, dr

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Oktober 10, 2014

Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges - Wabash Blues
From Back to Back: Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges Play the Blues (1959, Verve MG VS-6055)

That’s the fascinating thing about the Blues: Such a simple form and it gives endless ways of interpretation. Can you stand this greatness? From the groovy introduction with Hodges screaming sax and the great damped picking by guitarist Leslie Spann I could instantly “Yeah” the whole tune long.

  • Duke Ellington, p
  • Johnny Hodges, as
  • Harry Edison, tr
  • Leslie Spann, git
  • All Hall, b
  • Jo Jones, dr


Oktober 10, 2014

Oktober 10, 2014

Miles Davis - Blues by Five
From Cookin’ With the Miles Davis Quintet (Recorded 1956, released 1957, Prestige PRLP 7094)

I’m getting into the day with a trip through the four famous Miles Davis Quintet records (chronologically Cookin’, Relaxin’, Workin’, Steamin’ with the Miles Davis Quintet). This one is another from Cookin’: Blues by Fie is one of the most extincting explorations of the blues in jazz music.It reminds us again how good the Miles Davis Quintet in fact is. Miles grooves incredibly with his horn, Coltrane is out of this world, Garland’s job should be a orientation  for every jazz pianist, Philly Joe Jones plays us the greatest fours and Paul Chambers plays simply perfectly.

  • Miles Davis, tr
  • John Coltrane, ts
  • Red Garland, p
  • Philly Joe Jones, dr
  • Paul Chambers, b


Oktober 9, 2014
Mingus Ah Um





1959, Columbia Records CL 1370
Produced by Toe Macero at Columbia 30th Street Studio NYC
Cover painting by S. Neil Fajita
Total personnel: Charles Mingus, b, p & composition; John Handy as & cl; Booker Ervin, ts; Shafi Hadi, as & ts; Jimmy Knepper, trb; Willie Dennis, trb; Horace Parlan, p; Dannie Richmond, dr;

1. Better Git It In Your Soul 2. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 3. Boogie Stop Shuffle 4. Self-Portrait In Three Colors 5. Open Letter to Duke 6. Bird Calls 7. Fables of Faubus 8. Pussy Cat Dues 9. Jelly Roll (Later re-releases add: 10. Pedal Point Blues 11. GG Train 12. Girl of My Dreams)


Liner Notes by Diane Dorr-Dorynek:


Oktober 9, 2014
Mingus in the Columbia studios on 30th Street 1959

Mingus in the Columbia studios on 30th Street 1959

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