April 6, 2014

Keith Jarrett - Rio, Pt. 9

Keith Jarrett really brought his art of improvisation on the highest possible level on Rion. Part 10 is also inapprehensibly good!

  • Keith Jarrett, solo piano

Januar 23, 2014

Keith Jarrett - Eyes of the Heart (Part Two)

  • Keith Jarrett, p, ss, osi drums, tambourine
  • Dewey Redman, ts, tambourine, maracas
  • Charlie Haden, b
  • Paul Motian, dr, perc

I won’t say something this time… I’ll let the music speak. And the booklet:

"Music is at its best when it carries you along at a level deeper than music itself and forces you to live in its spaces as well as its notes

Improvisation is at its best when everyone involved in the music is aware of an intent greater than his own; therefore more his own.

Neither of these are common occurrences.

I wish to dedicate this recording to Charlie Haden,
Dewey Redman and Paul Motian, all of whom shared the most valuable intimacy with me during the making of this music.

It is not easy.
It is not difficult.
It is.”

November 2, 2013

Keith Jarrett about the bad circumstances around the Köln Concert.

August 14, 2013


Rio Part XV (Rio) / Keith Jarret

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Dezember 23, 2012

November 29, 2012


Keith Jarrett

Köln, January 24, 1975, Part IIC

The Köln Concert (Full Album)

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Mai 22, 2012

The Allman Brothers Band - Southbound

The typical jam atmosphere of the Allman Brothers Band.


~album cover~

Mai 15, 2012
"Life itself is improvised. We don’t live life as a scripted thing."

Bob Dylan

In my opinion the main argument for every musician to improve his or her improvisation skills. Some things must by expressed in improvisation!

Februar 15, 2012

K.J.Keith Jarrett - Part II C (The Köln Concert): The way of jazz and also parts of modern classical music changed on 24th January 1975. Keith Jarrett, whose success began with the collaboration with Miles Davis in diverse formations, played at the opera of Köln at this day. He brought the art of improvisation to a new and unexpected level without losing himself in needless complexity.

I’m going to write more about the Köln Concert soon, because it’s one hour and six minutes of pure and real musical art.

Januar 31, 2012
Keith Jarrett


He brought the improvisation in (jazz) music to a new dimension. - Keith Jarrett

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