März 29, 2014

Duke Ellington & Louis Armstrong - I’m Just A Lucky So And So

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März 27, 2014


Louis Armstrong and His All Stars—“Tin Roof Blues”

Ambassador Satch (Columbia 1955).


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März 25, 2014

Joe Pass & Milt Jackon - Grooveyard

Hello friends! :)

  • Joe Pass, git
  • Milt Jackson, vibes
  • Ray Brown, b
  • Mickey Roker, dr

März 17, 2014

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März 16, 2014


The Band—“We Can Talk”

Music from the Big Pink (Capitol 1968).

März 9, 2014

Donald Byrd - Soulful Kiddy

From Byrd In Flight (Blue Note 1960) feat. Reggie Workman, Hank Mobley

Oh, how nice these sounds of…

  • Donaldy Byrd, tr
  • Hank Mobley, ts
  • Duke Pearson, p
  • Doug Watkins, b
  • Lex Humphries, dr

I’d like to point out how cool I think the cover art is:


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März 8, 2014

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März 7, 2014


My Sweet Hunk O’ Trash - Billie Holiday (featuring Louis Armstrong), originally released on the album "The Blues Are Brewin’" (1958), appears on the 2 CD compilation box set "The Complete Decca Recordings" (1991, all tracks remastered).

Billie: Listen hear, Pops. You know you lie about your youth
Louis: I don’t lie, baby, I’m just careless about the truth!
Billie: How careless can you be?
Louis: I dunno
Billie: With all young chicks, you try to make a flash
Louis: No, baby, it ain’t like that, no
Billie: But you’re still my good for nothing, my sweet hunk o’ trash!

More Armstrong. Even better: With Lady Day.

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März 7, 2014

Louis Armstrong - St James Infirmary

Satchmo’s highly emotional version

Februar 27, 2014

Charles Mingus - Devil Woman


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Februar 13, 2014

Solo Blues Piano by Mary Lou Williams

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Februar 11, 2014

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